Corporate Strategy

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The Johnston Group ("TJG") continues to focus on its primary strategy - complete tenant satisfaction. To achieve this goal, TJG emphasizes enhancing the working environment to increase employee productivity through the use of unique tenant improvements, an attractive park-like environment and special amenities that make it enjoyable to come to work each day. All its properties boast a trademark Johnston Group water feature such as a dramatic fountain or waterfall, often highlighted with prominent artwork. All buildings have fiber optic cabling for high speed/low cost data services. 

Upgraded HVAC systems and other similar improvements cost more, but TJG feels it is an important long-term investment in tenant retention. An attractive environment also has a direct bearing on productivity and stress reduction. In many of TJG's projects, employees can stroll alongside a water feature, sitting nearby while reading or eating lunch, enjoying the tranquility. Well planned landscaping provides an attractive buffer to surface parking lots and street noise. Convenient restaurants and shopping can usually be found within a short walking distance, which in addition to being an attraction to tenants, increases productivity by cutting down on employees time away from the office.

Perhaps the greatest impact on tenant productivity will come from the advances made in the telecommunication field. TJG continues to recognize the need to be out front technologically in order to attract new-media workers through fiber optics communications. The area's periphery has been noted as being a major draw, as many firms cite the quality of life factor in the Conejo Valley as well as the rest of Southern California, which attracts a strong labor pool. 

As a result of this tenant-driven philosophy and service, TJG has developed an exceptional reputation within the real estate community. In turn, this has enabled TJG to form an extensive network of relationships with corporate tenants, institutional investors, lenders and real estate brokers.

In summary, TJG's philosophy and business strategy rests on the following four principles:

  1. Focus on Client Needs: We listen and respond to the needs of our tenants.
  2. Be Quality Driven: We will continue to provide the highest quality product in the market in order to enhance the tenants working environment and productivity of their employees while maximizing the value of our properties.
  3. Maintain Market Advantage: Continue to focus on differentiating ourselves from our competitors in the core areas of location, design, and special services to our tenants.
  4. Long Term Plan: All decisions are governed by the principle of what is best for the long-term relationship of the companies and institutions we deal with.